Wednesday’s Office: Prague Hilton, 8th Floor Executive Lounge

This week I’m truly putting my “I can work anywhere” theory to the test and am working from Prague (WFP). I happen to be blessed with really awesome friends, and when my BFF Deanna said “hey, do you want to come to Prague with me using my airline miles and stay in the hotel that work is paying for?” Um. Hells Yeah!

So here I sit in the executive lounge listening to some really bad Czech music and drinking a Coca-Cola Light. Seems my theory is correct!



Friday’s Office: Victrola Beacon Hill

Today I ventured across the bridge and highway up to Beacon Hill. I’m having some business cards printed at Day Moon Press and wanted to come up and check out the shop and look at some paper options. (If anyone is in need of letterpressed anything, I highly recommend this shop. The owner Maura is awesome!)

Now I’m two blocks down at the Victrola having a ginger ale (over-caffeinated myself already this morning). This Victrola is pretty quiet compared to the one on Capitol Hill, but open and airy, and overall nice.

Parking: Free on-street 1 hr. parking out front
Music: Not awesome, some kind of experimental jams… I may need to leave soon.
Outlets: Tons
Clientele: Sparse

Thursday’s Office: Top Pot on Capitol Hill

Tonight I’m meeting some of my girlfriends for happy hour, or what my friend Remy dubbed a “lady date”. Therefore, I’m next door at Top Pot, where you can find delicious donuts (I talked the lady in line in front of me into my personal favorite, an apple fritter), nice ambiance, and great people watching (sitting next to me there is a couple who are meeting with a women presume to be a wedding planner).

Coffee: Good but lacking in artful foam
Music: Mostly good, sometimes great (Echo and the Bunnymen when I walked in), a little loud for eavesdropping 😉
Parking: Free on-street parking (easy to find mid-day, more difficult at night)
Outlets: Plentiful
Bonus: Next to Sun Liquor

Friday’s Office: Fremont Coffee House

I had to pop over to Fremont for an appointment this morning and decided to try out the Fremont Coffee House.  It’s literally a house that’s been converted into a coffee shop so it is made up of a little rooms and nooks, which are nice if you want some privacy. And the house has a front porch and a little side deck for nice weather outdoor lounging.

Coffee: Delicious. I think they roast their own beans
Music: Not awesome… kind of jam-band-esque
Art: Boring photo exhibit (black and whites of Yosemite, zzzzzzzzzzzz)
Parking: Free on-street two-hour parking

Thursday’s Office: All City Coffee

Today’s office is brought to you by All City Coffee in Georgetown. I’m here with my friend Jen who is studying some kind of crazy biochem or some such. Just looking at the page in her textbook makes my head hurt. Good thing I went to art school.

All City is pretty great now that the loud-talker left.

Coffee: good (foam art, abstract)
Parking: on-street and free
Music: Otis Redding
Outlets: Plentiful

Plus: Dogs are welcome!

Everyday a new office

I’m recently self-employed after a 5(ish) year tenure in an office environment. Prior to being a full-time-employee (FTE), I worked as a freelance designer, so in a lot of ways it feels like putting back on an old comfortable pair of pants. OK, it means mostly working in my yoga pants. My comfy pants. What I used to refer to as my fuzzy pants. Enough said. Don’t judge…

In an effort to get out of the house, I’ve been doing a tour of places to work outside of the house. Mostly coffee shops, but I’m game for anyplace with a free wifi connection and a table. Things I will be noting in my blog are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. reliability of Wifi
  2. quality of latte (I’m a double-tall non-fat girl)
  3. quality of baristas (nice? fast? etc.)
  4. availability of food
  5. availability of parking (free on-street parking for at least 2-hours a plus)
  6. presence and quality of art on the walls
  7. cleanliness of restrooms  (toilet seat covers a plus)
  8. quantity of electric outlets
  9. listen-ality (that’s for you Jessie) of music
  10. annoyingness (I know, not a word), or awesomeness of customers
  11. pleasantness of temperature (not too hot, not too cold)
  12. convenience and accessibility of neighborhood/location
  13. proximity to where happy hour will be happening (the Top Pot on Capitol Hill has the corner on that market)

All locations get  a bonus for a good view (both literally and figuratively).