Wednesday’s Office: Kitchen table, Florida style

I’ve been living-full time in Seattle for nearly 17 years now, and every winter there is a point when I seriously consider packing it in and moving back to Florida (to New Smyrna Beach in particular). This year I’ve made the fantasy a reality and have escaped (parts of) the long, miserable Seattle winter for sun and the beach.

New Smyrna Beach (NSB) is a little town of about 22 thousand residents. This is roughly half the size of my West Seattle neighborhood. Everything is within a 10 minute drive (or less) and parking is never a problem. NSB is, however, sadly lacking in internet cafés, but it more than makes up for it with the beautiful beach, starry skies, and 75 degree temperature (I hear it snowed in Seattle yesterday).

Since I can’t really work at the beach and there aren’t a lot of cafés, I mostly sit here at the kitchen table. I can see a little canal and lots of wildlife, like egrets and anoles, and I can WFH (work from hammock) when I have thinking to do.

On the left, an Anole; on the right, some type of Tern (Caspian Tern perhaps?)


Friday’s Office: Dancing Avacado Kitchen, Daytona Beach, FL

I’m finally realizing my dream of wintering (at least partially) in Florida. I just arrived yesterday and since I’m in need of a bed and some other household items, I got up at the crack of dawn to drive my mom to work so that I could borrow her car (car shopping is next on the list). I haven’t quite made it to the mattress store yet, but I did luck out and find a restaurant filled with retirees and German tourists that has decent food and free wifi. Awesome!

Monday’s Office: Om Bar and Chill Lounge

Ok, yes… I’m working at a bar. And yes, that isn’t just ginger ale in that glass…  but in my defense, it is happy hour, and I’m meeting a friend. Also, the wireless access here is about 1000x better than at the coffee shop down the street (where I spent the previous couple of hours).

Drinks: Happy hour specials (plus, actual ginger ale, not the kind made with bitters and sprite)
Music: G&R (makes me work faster)
Outlets: I spot one I could use should I have the need
Wifi: Full bars

Downside: you can smoke in here… strange after all the years in sterile Seattle bars

Thursday’s Office: Chuckeyta’s Cafe, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I’m starting out my bi-coastal living/working situation at, as far as I can tell, the only coffee shop in New Smyrna Beach. I flew in from Seattle last night and couldn’t get the internet to work at my moms house (suspect a faulty ethernet cable). I have no wheels, so I had to find someplace quickly that I could walk to where I could sit and work, and so here I am at Chuckeyta’s. When I lived here in high school, this used to be a surf shop. It’s a great building. Apparently built in 1910 from a Sears and Roebuck mail order catalog.

Coffee: OK (Seattle has spoiled me)
Food: Salad- delicious
Outlets: Not many, but they let me unplug a lamp to plug in my laptop
Music: Right now, great: Ella Fitgerald. Earlier, not good: Country
Wifi: Only one bar, so not good. But, as Mom says, beggars can’t be choosers

Bonus: I can walk on the beach to get here from Mom’s house.