Thursday’s Office: Victrola Coffee on 15th

I’m in between meetings, so I decided to hit a coffee shop to kill a little time. It’s a miserable, dreary day in Seattle. Gray and rainy with lots of traffic. Sitting on the West Seattle Bridge this morning, I was questioning my decision to come back here in the middle of spring… but then after a great meeting, then finding rock star parking, I’m here at Victrola drinking a delicious latté, listening to some Indy rock, feeling cozy and happy I’m out of the house.

Victrola is one of my favorite coffee shops. Great coffee, hipster crowd, lots of seating, and free wifi.

West Seattle Bridge Traffic, 2 Union Square – 43rd Floor


Thursday’s Office: Top Pot on Capitol Hill

Tonight I’m meeting some of my girlfriends for happy hour, or what my friend Remy dubbed a “lady date”. Therefore, I’m next door at Top Pot, where you can find delicious donuts (I talked the lady in line in front of me into my personal favorite, an apple fritter), nice ambiance, and great people watching (sitting next to me there is a couple who are meeting with a women presume to be a wedding planner).

Coffee: Good but lacking in artful foam
Music: Mostly good, sometimes great (Echo and the Bunnymen when I walked in), a little loud for eavesdropping 😉
Parking: Free on-street parking (easy to find mid-day, more difficult at night)
Outlets: Plentiful
Bonus: Next to Sun Liquor