Monday’s Office: Om Bar and Chill Lounge

Ok, yes… I’m working at a bar. And yes, that isn’t just ginger ale in that glass…  but in my defense, it is happy hour, and I’m meeting a friend. Also, the wireless access here is about 1000x better than at the coffee shop down the street (where I spent the previous couple of hours).

Drinks: Happy hour specials (plus, actual ginger ale, not the kind made with bitters and sprite)
Music: G&R (makes me work faster)
Outlets: I spot one I could use should I have the need
Wifi: Full bars

Downside: you can smoke in here… strange after all the years in sterile Seattle bars


One Comment on “Monday’s Office: Om Bar and Chill Lounge”

  1. Sally says:

    Great bands play in there too. I love their pumpkin beer w/ an orange slice. (I think that’s what it’s called, def pumpkin color). They brew it. The owner is very cool too. Have fun!

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